Xojo 2023r4: WebTextField order number aka TabIndex

I am trying to set the order of tabbing on the web page. I don’t see how I can explicitly set the tab order number in the IDE. I do see in documentation that TabIndex can be set through the code such as:

Me.TabIndex = 2

The code is fine, but all I need is to do it in the IDE. Needless to say that the order of fields will change over time when page gets modified. Is there any way to see the tab order/index in the inspector in IDE?

View - Tab Order then you see the Tab Order Editor

OK, I get it now. So not only have to be looking at selected web page or web container in IDE but I have to select one control such as text field to have the tab order menu enabled, then I can see Tab Order Editor, thank you.

I can use it now, though it is not the easiest way to arrange order of field. I have to know the name of the field to find it in the Tab Order Editor. I think it would be so much easier to simply type in desired order number in the inspector section of IDE and have the system recalculate the order of all other controls.

earlier in xojo (I even think it was still realbasic) you cnahged tor tab order by pressing alt (opt)
then there was some mesh with numbers on top of the controls, and you could drag another line to change the tab order.
I really liked this method; and still today I’m missing it.

Jean-Yves and others;

I have been full time Omnis developer for the last 25 years, hardly think of myself as an expert, however; the Omnis IDE is so much better, I can’t even start describing. Let’s mention for the fun of it the sorting of classes in IDE, it drives me crazy that simple thing as that is not possible with one click in Xojo.

In the end I don’t really care how things needs to be done as long as I know how to do it, I can suffer for a while on my way to reach the goal. However, I think that suffering should not be endured if things can be improved, be it a tool or a process and there is reward at the end.

So with that optimistic thought I just want to say thank you to everybody who finds time to help me on my quest with Xojo (being less than a year so far). Please don’t forget, I am determined to stay for a while with Xojo and see the Web App I work on being useful in hands of its users. There will be more questions from me in the future for sure as they hopefully start asking for more features.

Developing a Web app is just different enough that Xojo made a different decision on how to handle Tab indexes and tab order for Web development. Desktop Apps still get their tab indexes set at the individual control level. I agree it would be more intuitive to do it this way in the Web apps, but it may be a couple years before we see this if ever. Someone that feels more strongly about it than I do needs to file a feature request ticket.


And I see that you can set the Tab Index to the same value as others (several Tab Index = 1 for example). Not having this manual option in Web projects makes it harder to have this issue.

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Here is my feature request, please add your supporting comment there if you agree:

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