Xojo 2023r2 is here - Android, DesktopXAMLContainter Control, Web Dark Mode

Xojo 2023 Release 2 is now available!
This milestone release adds 30 new features, including support for building apps for Android, and 146 bug fixes.

Major highlights of Xojo 2023 Release 2 include:

*Ability to build for Android (Beta)
*DesktopXAML Control
*Dark Mode support for Web projects, using Bootstrap 5.3.0
*Stacked Chart type to DesktopChart and MobileChart
*PDFViewer control for iOS

Release Notes
Release Resources - 14 new blog posts, 17 new videos and more to come!
Renew Your License - If your Xojo license is expired, renew now to get access to all of the features and updates in 2023r2.