Xojo 2023r2 EyeControl Plugin Example Superclass does not declare such an event

Hello Everyone,

Just downloaded Xojo 2023r2 and attempted to run the PluginsSDK example program Eye Control, and I received an error there EyeControl1 on Window1 implements the event “EyesClosed”, but its superclass EyeControl does not declare such an event.

To create the plugin, the Makefile_Linux was renamed to makefile, and then the command make ran. In the BuildLinux folder are two filesL 1) EyeControlPlugin.o and 2) PluginMain.o, which were copied to the Plugins folder.

When loading Xojo, in the Loaded Plugins window, the following two messages were created in Red colour:
PluginMain.o (/opt/xojo/xojo2023r2/Plugins/PluginMain.o: only ET_DYN and ET_EXEC can be loaded)
EyeControlPlugin.o (/opt/xojo/xojo2023r2/Plugins/EyeControlPlugin.o: only ET_DYN and ET_EXEC can be loaded)

I placed the EyeControl.so file in the plugins folder, the plugin appears to load properly, and there are errors. Here is a screen grab:

Any helpful thoughts to make the example plugin?

Ubuntu 22.04
Xojo 2023r2
EyeControl example plugin

These do not need to be moved into the Plugins folder, only the .so file is necessary.

It looks like that EyeControlTest example project needs an update for API 2.0. For the time being you can change the super of that EyeControl to DesktopEyeControl.

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Hello @William_Yu,

Yes, you are correct, and changing the super is in the correct direction. However, the graphics do not appear to change and the message shows that a change has occurred. Here is a short video of the issue.


Thanks for your help.

The Eye Color should be white to begin with.

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Thank you, the plugin is working correctly and the graphics are correct.

Warm regards :slight_smile:

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