Xojo 2023 R2 IDE extremely slow

Hello all,

I am using Xojo 2023 R2 on a windows 10 PC with 16G of Ram and an i7 processor.
I’m trying to work on a Web V2 app, but this version runs painfully slow, in many respects. Resizing the the Inspector panel, compiling and other chores are just so slow it appears that the app is not even running - eventhough it is!

Any ideas on how to correct this?


You wrote

Xojo 2023 R2

in the title, but

Xojo 2023 R3

in the body of your post.

If you want to discuss about an unreleased version, that can’t happen on regular channels.

I meant 2023 R2.

I’ve edited the post to correct.

Where your project is stored ?

Internal SSD,
Cloud ?

The project type is…


Size of the project, available rooms in the mass storage peripheral, etc.

I get this kind of report about my distributed Windows app from maybe 1 customer in hundreds.
Over time, I have found causes relating to :

-graphics cards (the fancy ones have issues) , where the solution was to set compatibility mode to Windows 8 or similar.
-Affinity : ie which core the app is running on. On some multicore machines, if you set the app to run on a different core (set affinity), it works better. (Maybe damaged chips?)

  • Having files stored in an area of the drive that is fully synched to OneDrive,Dropbox, or iCloud

if any of it helps…

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Hello all and thank you for your responses.

The project is saved in Binary format on a 1Tb spinning disk that is inside of my notebook with 250Mb free. No fancy video drivers.

This is the same computer I have used for many years. The 2023 editions are the only ones that seem to operate so slowly WHEN USING IT FOR A WEB APP. Console and desktop work fine. The project size is 2.56Mb not counting some small shared database classes.


250MB free? Did you mean 250GB?

Yep, sorry a type-o. Should have been Gb