Xojo 2022r2 Documentation Search Bugs

I’m really trying to like this new search feature but it seems that no matter what I search for it’s coming up with something different. In the last two days, I’ve searched for these types of items and getting no where near to where I need to be:

  • IDE Scripting : Points to Release Notes about IDE Scripting but not at any of the pages that let me get to the commands that are available.
  • Release Notes : Points to the 2022r1 release notes when I was searching on a release day for what was new.
  • Just now, searching for Operator_ in the hopes that I could get the page that showed all of the methods like Operator_Add, Operator_Convert etc, but all of the items that it suggests link to the page for Is.

…and because there’s no url bar, I can’t even direct it to the page I want. Just doing a quick perusal through the API section of the TOC on the left, I can’t find any of the items that start with Operator_.

@Geoff_Perlman – Whatever was done to the search capability in r2 is not an improvement over r1. What we’ve got now is a reference manual with no index and an incomplete Table of Contents and I’m spending more than half of my time fighting with the docs instead of writing code.


I’m surprised I’m defending it, but I just did a quick test. Finding that list is hard unless you know what to search for. In this case the article is called “operator overloading” so if you search for that, you get a perfect match with that awkward “#” item. Using Google with site:documentation.xojo.com operator overloading doesn’t find the article on the first page of results.

Searching for release notes with typesense gave me the correct result up top. With Google I get the index of releases, but 2022r2 is not included in the results, probably because it hasn’t been crawled yet.

Google returns MUCH better results with “ide scripting” so that’s something I guess.

Search is hard.

This release notes search is fixed. I’m looking into the issue with IDE Scripting. When you run into something like this, please create an Issue with a screenshot. Typically, there’s something we can do to adjust how the page is indexed so that it doesn’t come up ahead of the page that should be displayed.