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I load my app created in Xojo 2021r1.1 into Xojo 2021r3.
Entering a new control from the library pane is not a Desktop Control.by default.
I need to change the control into Desktopcontrol myself.
Is this normal ? Or a bug ?
I thought that you could only add the new desktop controls in 2021r3.

If its anything like the experience of other ‘new fangled stuff’, you needed to have started the project as API2 for that to happen.
(I really wish they hadnt made this change)

If you create a new project in 2021r3 then the controls you add will be Desktop Controls.

If you open a project created with Xojo < 2021r3 then the controls will be regular Controls by default.

If you want to mix and match, you will need to change the Super.

At least this is what I understand.

Use Save As to update your old project’s version number.

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That does not change anything.

It changes the original Xojo version in the project file which determines which code APIs are used/available. Or, at least, it should.

Confirmed, but for the purposes of Desktop* alone, the old controls/windows will continue to be supplied when creating new instances as long as the Application’s super is Application. Changing it to DesktopApplication causes the IDE to provide the new variants by default.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 093938

Try the Update Controls to API 2.0 under the project menu.

I would recommend, if you are going to convert now, take it one step at a time by right-clicking individual project items in the navigator selecting the update item there. It’s a little less overwhelming.

Neither one is an option.
Update Controls to API 2.0 → 4002 errors + 1303 warnings
One step at a time - doesn’t work either. At some moment you get an error that a menuitem should be changed into Desktop and then it starts. All the windows need to be changed - etc etc … It will not stop until all errors (4002) are solved I think.
I think I stay with Xojo 2021r1.1 for my existing projects.
If I should start a new project (not sure if ever), I will try Xojo 2021r3 or newer.

Thanks to all for the replies.