Xojo 2021 Tests starting

…when please :pray: :kiss:

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Same answer as always, I’m sure: When it’s ready.


That’s the only one correct answer.
Marked as solution :smiley:

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Do you remember the cookie monster advertisement for Siri? Thats me to a t :rofl:

:joy: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Definition of “Funny”:
When you’re sitting all alone in your office and you see/read something that makes you spontaneously break out in audible laughter … Now, that’s funny Sascha!


If it involves Android, I am willing to wait longer for testing.

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Thank you. @Beatrix_Willius brought this up and it describes our feelings so well :slight_smile:

Where‘s the downvote button please? :wink:

Well, in order to prevent a mess like 2020, where Web2 delayed r1 into August, I would be happy to see r1 or r2 this year without Android, if Android is not yet finished in time for those releases.


[shakes fist at sky]

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We are waiting on Android to complete a project, so that would hurt us so I’m hoping the Android support is almost complete. That bring said, if there are bug fixes we are waiting on it would be better to get a release and push the Android support to the next release.