Xojo 2021 Release 3 is now available; Android Testing Begins Today

Xojo 2021 Release 3 is now available for download! With 228 total improvements, including over 135 bug fixes, this release adds some exciting new features such as building Mac Apps from Windows and Linux, new API 2.0 Desktop controls, Dark Mode support for Windows and more!

Xojo 2021 Release 3 includes:

  • Building Mac apps from Windows and Linux
  • Dark Mode support on Windows
  • Desktop API 2.0
  • New encryption features: SHA3, BlowFish, TwoFish and CRC32
  • iOS now uses iOS 15 SDK
  • SQLite 3.36.0 with support for RETURNING on DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE statements
  • Desktop project icon resources are saved as compressed PNGs, helping to significantly reduce project file sizes
  • Lots of improvements and 135+ bug fixes

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Next Steps

Android - Testing Beginning Today

Testing for the new Xojo Android framework begins a little later today! To get ready, make sure your license is current and that you are a part of the Testers channel on the forum. You will need a current Pro or iOS (soon to become Mobile) license to build for Android. If you have any questions please contact us.