Xojo 2021 R2 auto complete broken?

I missed something I guess. Updated to 2021 R2 and now autocomplete hardly works. Window1.h… doesn’t show basics like height?

There are some autocomplete problems with 2021R2, most of the bug reports for that are already marked as fixed for next release. For example:
65332 - Autocomplete seem to be broken in 2021R2 for properties on Window Implicit Instances

OK, I’ll wait for the fix. Thanks!

just saw this now while I created as well one thread, indeed it seems that more things are not working and hopefully will be fixed soon.

I discovered this yesterday (note the words in red):

Nota: AcceptFocus is in Red too.

Really? I can’t see this status. I just see “Fixed” and “Fixed & Verified” . And i thought the latter means it may go into the next release.

Can we safely assume that all fixed cases go into the 2021 R2.1 release?

I think a case has to go to “Fixed & Verified”, rather than just “Fixed”, before it can be put in a release.

This is the expected behavior when you open a pre-API 2.0 project in an API 2.0 version of the IDE. The items in red are deprecated, the items to the right of those are their replacements.

Yes, Anthony, that is what I understand. But I do not recall if there was an entry in the RN for that, and I discovered it yesterday (pure hazard).

You cannot. There are always things being marked Fixed on the main development branch after we’re feature complete for a particular release that are not deemed safe until later. Only things that are extremely safe and are critical regressions can be accelerated into a point release.

That was introduced on 2019…

So, I do not spend many times there (and with the following…).

Thank you for the information.