Xojo 2020r2 crashes on Debian 10.6 on "Page Setup..."

Good morning

Just recently acquired Xojo Desktop and installed 2020r2 on trwo different Debian 10.6 machines…
one as .deb package and on the other as a tar archvive…

On both machines Xojo 2020r2 crashes when I open a sample project and just select “Page Setup…” or “Print…”

Only message I see on the console when launched from there:


thanks in advance

This seems like this issue: <https://xojo.com/issue/58365>

It seems somehow related to Printer/Networking. Read through this Feedback to get more info.

Something that Tim has noticed:

If I unplug my USB cable from the Brother printer and disable networking on the system, the Page Setup dialog appears properly.

If you have a similar situation, I suggest you report this in Feedback. “Add Info” to this Feedback case.