Xojo 2019r2.1 autocomplete

Hi all, I am using Xojo 2019r2.1, and I notice that if I open an old project, pressing TAB I can see the old methods and the new ones.
But in one project I only can see the new ones: why?
Somebody can explain me?
Thank you all!

It is because of API 2.

All Xojo IDE versions since share the same behavior.

Worst, at save time, you may or may not stay with an API (1) project, depends on the Xojo IDE version…

At last, you cannot open later (Xojo 2021r2 and later) project with older Xojo.

So if in the project “A” I can see the old methods, but in the project “B” I don’t, the reason is that project “A” has been saved “normally”, while project “B” has been “Saved As”?


Project B is a new project created with 2019r2.1.

Create an empty project with an older version, and use that as a new project each time you need a new project.

Ok, thank you, Emile!