Xojo 2018.1 TabPanel caption transparency bug

As my Feedback did not functioning, saying that ‘can’t connect to server’ (yes – there is no fault from firewall or antivirus, but instead some strange thinking from Xojo team and probably related to idiotic serious problem about restricting access to Xojo server(s) I wrote down here a number of times ago and that is still not solved amongst many years), I’d post it there. Description about bug written below YouTube video…


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Hi llar. It has was added to feedback on the 17th of April and confirmed by William today so hopefully the fix will make it into the 2018r1.1 fix that should be coming out soon. I’ll keep you updated as to its progress.

If you get feedback working: <https://xojo.com/issue/51940>

Thanks, Julian. I even don’t know how I get Feedback working, but I have workaround for this bug as for getting maximum from Xojo you must always think out of box, so I’m personally not worried about that bug. I just wanted to inform as it is quite awful and may ruin someones program behavior.

What is the point of informing people that you know a workaround? Wouldnt it make more sense to actually say what the workaround is?

Would be nice Markus :wink:


[quote]William Yu Today at 15:22

This case has been fixed and is waiting verification from our testing staff.

Thanks, I’m glad, you asked.

As I already wrote that Xojo feedback did not work for me, I just wanted to inform makers about that nasty transparency behavior as I don’t knew – maybe no other did not found that bug yet as using colored window background and changing TabPanel panel’s captions is not maybe so common together.

And I’m very careful about suggesting and sharing something in this forum as my last experience was far away from pleasant and almost ended with execution me by some “wise” guy.

As I’m still get ‘not respond’ for 10 minutes or so after few minutes surfing in this site, I’m not sure – is anybody even want my solutions and also – my solution is not quite elegant and much better is just repairing that bug, but okay – if you asked – just add or remove one pixel after changing some TabPanel caption for or from TabPanel width and then do it vice versa, and voila – works like charm. It is not even visually noticeable that width was temporally changed. That’s all.

And now – can I ask once again from Xojo team – how much more you torture users by this ‘not respond’ feature and what is real purpose of that? You are attest that you do it for safety reasons, but why, if after 10 minute I can surf how much I want and how I want? If I need to use this support forum, then I need it urgently and your solution to ‘defense yourself’ seems for me literally spiting to face to your customer…

That’s a nice workaround.

Well, when I started I EXPECTED others to correct my answers. After all they have MUCH more experience, and that is how you learn. So if my answer is crap then I’d rather like to know and get a better one then being lauded for it and people thinking “what a twat”. But then I’m German, and we are known for being ‘straightforward’ although most other nationalities call us ‘rude’. And being straightforward also means we EXPECT to get straightforward comments.

If you want to learn, then you need to be able to take criticism. And sometimes that criticism can be harsh or even wrong. No point in being a baby about it.

I also notice a generational shift. Older generations just criticise whatever they need to. Younger generations on the other hand are being “protected for their own good” and are allegedly very offended if someone uses a bad word on here. Just watch the recent rewriting of comments by forum administrators to take out for example W.T.F

I’m NOT sorry for thinking it is all political correctness gone mad, and I don’t hold with the mollycoddling. We have a saying in our household: “You can be offended all day long but you are not obliged to.”

P.S. and sometimes people simply have a bad day.