Xojo 2017r3 - s l o w t y p i n g

Anyone else watching l e t t e r s t a k e ages to appear while entering code in Xojo 2017R3 on a Mac?
Its painful to watch, when you can type faster (two fingered) than the editor can display your words…

There were several feedback cases during the beta phase about slow typing. Atleast some, if not most, were fixed. There may still be others. The best way to have it fixed is to create a very specific feedback case with a small program that illustrates the problem reliably. When a demonstration could clearly be made, the cases were fixed.

Small program doesn’t have the issue.
No licence for Xojo 2017R3 so can’t log a feedback case, but clearly Xojo already know there is an issue

As far as I know, these were all reports on Windows.

Must be a Win thing as I’ve never experienced any such problem on my Mac.

Get these frequently on my Windows machine when working on multiple large projects and have video playing in a browser tab. I just kill the video and restart Xojo.

I haven’t seen any on MacOS.

Gosh, I run in macOS and have only on a few rare occasions (none recently) seen this behavior. Restart Xojo. Clear the cache. Restart the machine. Those all, at times, have cleared mysterious issues for me.

Same problem here… It happens when working for a longer time with Xojo ( > 6 hours )
Also starting with 150mb memory (xojo process) and end up at > 500Mb - Xojo works extremely slow (not used to that)

Oeps… My problem is on Windows (so wrong place on forum) … Any way … problem is in Xojo not in OS (i think)

I see that there is another current thread that says the editor is very slow on Linux too.
Maybe it has something to do with the (to me annoying) highlighting in blue of the lines which connect if/endif statements, as you move the mouse around.

As said many times before, I am on Windows too and developed the habit to close Xojo down completely every coffee break to avoid crashes. Xojo IDE is good on OSX and just works on Windows and Linux, that’s my opinion. I have the feeling the IDE on Windows and Linux isn’t much used by the Xojo inc team themselves.