Xojo 2017r2.x access to MySQL Database doesn't work

Hi guys,

since the version Xojo 2017r2.x, I have the problem, under macOS 10.12.6/10.13 i can’t access with my program on my mySQL database.
I get the error message "Error: 2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error:0.

[code]dbc_TI = New MySQLCommunityServer
Dim Network As New TCPSocket3
Dim ar_ipadr() As String
ar_ipadr = Network.LocalAddress.Split(".")

If ar_ipadr(2) = “1” Then
dbc_TI.Host = “”
Elseif ar_ipadr(2) = “2” Then
dbc_TI.Host = “”
dbc_TI.Host = “localhost”
End If

dbc_TI.Port = 3306
dbc_TI.DatabaseName = “TI”
dbc_TI.UserName = “User01”
dbc_TI.Password = “xyz”

If Not dbc_TI.Connect Then
’ Connection error
MsgBox("Error : " + Str(dbc_TI.ErrorCode) + Chr(13) + dbc_TI.ErrorMessage)
’ Programm beenden
End If[/code]

On Windows 10.x, the same program works without problems, i get the connection.
Is this a Xojo Bug ? Any Idea ?

Thanks in advance

I just tested with 2017r2.1 without issue. MacOS 10.12.6.

didnt you keep the mysql plugin from an older version ?

One possible reason: Make sure the Route between Client and Server is valid. I f.e. the DNS Server refuses to resolve the Adress or if there is no valid Route (Blocked?) to the Server, you may get this error.

What happen if you use MySql client tool to access the database from your Mac ?

Googling the full error suggests that it might be a FireWall issue:

Might be worth looking into.

Thank’s for your answer , i’m away on business, i 'll try it at friday. It could be the Programm Little Snitch, i’ve since 3 week’s an new one with version Number 4.

Hi Guys,

@Jean-Yves Pochez : No, is the newest MySQLCommunityPlugin from Xojo r2.1

@John Hansen: I tried the acces with Sequel Pro, Valentina and MySQL Workbench and all connection works with the Database

@Sascha S: The Route between Client and Server is valid. It’s a local Network, nothing ist blocked.

I asked Objective Development (Little Snitch), it’s not a Problem with little snitch because the Dabasemangers works.

Has someone yet another idea ?

We use SSL Connections with Certificates to communicate with our Servers (over Tunneld VPN Connnections). In very rare cases i saw this error if the Server is not accepting the connection because of an auth. issue. We should see something like “: SSL connection error: protocol version mismatch” but sometimes (again, very rare (1 or 2 times now in 3 years)) we saw Error:2013.

I’ve not a MySQL Server it’s a MariaDB Server, could this the problem with the Error 2013 ?

Did Xojo between 2017r1.1 and 2017.2.1. any changes on the MySQLCommunityPlugin ?

In my Home Office i also work with MariaDB 7 & 10 since 3-4 Years and did not see such issues. I think it’s not related to MariaDB.

@Sascha S I’ve only the version 5.5.57

I’m at the office right now. But i may be using 5 + 10, not 7 + 10. I use them on Synology NAS’s (DSM 6.x) and they offer 5 + 10 out of the box. So i may also use 5 + 10 only.