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as I have mentioned… I am now on a fixed income :frowning: so have to justify to myself expenses now, that I didn’t worry about before. One of those is spending $300 to update Xojo. I currently have 2016r4.1, so while behind, not too far. But with the required advent of 64bit desktop apps (worried mostly about macOS, but Windows might be an issue at some point), I might need to bite the bullet in order to enter the 64bit world with less complications.

That being said… I just read the release notes for all the 2017 releases, and other than some database tweaks, the only 64bit “fix” seemed to be “SPLIT”,
did I miss some “big” (middle size) improvements that would make 2017 (or soon 2018r1) to be a deciding factor? Or should I just bide my time and see where things are by 2018r3 perhaps

I would wait and evaluate each release in the IDE with your projects, look at feedbacks on it (Can one READ feedbacks without a current license?) and forum posts to judge if it pays to renew in your case.

As you know each release solves some problems but also can introduce some new rough edges that can affect your projects… so in your situation, if you can hold off on on 64 bit for awhile, that is the approach I think would be best.

I can empathize … I am 62 and I am well aware of how hard things could be if I lost my job before full social security retirement age (the benefit reduction is a real killer!) … actually given my overall financial situation, I am hoping I can stay employed professionally until 70- which I know is unlikely.

I have been current with my Xojo license for most of the time during the last 17 years … but
when my desktop license expires in about 2 years from now, that is the approach I am going to take …

Knowing what can happen, in general these days I am trying to learn live on less to be prepared, and am looking very closely on where every cent goes.

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Why ?

My licence ends in 2015r1 and I can read (and write) Feedback…
For example, the initial Feedback for adding Android 10 years ago: January 20th, 2008)

But, maybe I do not see everything ?

moot point… Feedback didn’t work for me a few years ago, and I was told to submit a feedback request… (seriously)
So I just gave up… don’t have time to wrestle with it…

Im actually in the same boat as Dave there… Feedback has never once worked for me in any version of RB/Xojo I have ever had.

Dave, Jeff: and this never make you feel suspicious against Xojo (the IDE) ?

Sorry Emile, have no idea what you are trying to say

Actually yes. Or at least I can.

If Feedback, developed using Xojo, by Xojo engeeners can have troubles running on some computers, how can you believe in the Xojo product to create your own applications ?
That is the idea.

just because (my opinion) they screwed up one app (FEEDBACK) doesn’t say they screwed up another (IDE)
not that IDE is “perfect”… but it works… where in the past Feedback never did… and I don’t have any incentive to waste my time with it again.

Ford Motor Company designed the EDSEL… that doesn’t mean all their cars are trash :slight_smile: