Xojo 2017 Release Schedule

For when is scheduled Xojo 2017R3, to be out and present to the public?


Xojo doesn’t announce release dates. They have a rough schedule of one release per quarter. But that’s a really rough timeframe and is considered “flexible” in the understanding of exactly what that means.

Basically, it comes out when it comes out.

It comes out just after your license has expired …


:slight_smile: So even if R4 started we are not getting R3 and since we will not get R3 and R4 we will get 2018R1 in middle of next year when 2018R2 should goes out or maybe even later :slight_smile:

by george I think he’s got it!


Guess it’s nice road to heaven… and just guess join the hell ride :slight_smile:

2017r3 is scheduled to be released in 2017 :slight_smile:

1 vote goes for 2017 (by @Christian Schmitz)


It seems they are trying hard to deliver a solid/stable release, and that takes time.

Over the last 12 years releases have varied. Releases once were 4 times per year, once every quarter. Then they started to get more random. If there was a serious problem with a release then the next release came a little quicker so as to correct the problem. That’s why I find this debug icon problem a little odd. It has been an irritant since High Sierra became available last June. Seems like that bug should have been corrected by now.

Some bugs are mere irritants.
Some bugs affect the integrity of the project, or prevent an app from working correctly when built a certain way, or cause some other major issue.

All considered, I prefer that the latter be corrected first, and I will live with the irritant.

Actually, once there was ONE release per year, and several bug fix releases … which resulted in a really nice and stable end-product.

I don’t remember it being all that great. It definitely had its issues.

I have seen a better product with the 3-4 releases a year model.

Sure, a product develops and hopefully gets better over the years.

But a perpetual beta where you can’t use certain releases for some projects because they contain major bugs and/or regressions affecting database / RTF / data types / etc with an IDE that especially Bob complained about for ages … are suddenly better and more stable than versions which went through 4 or 5 rounds of bug fixes?

Not buying it.

Now you’re putting words into my mouth. How dare you.

I never said the current state of affairs is perfect. I merely stated that the rosy conditions you state, as fact, were not how I, and others, remember them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Actually not so… I came in at RBV3 and there were pleatny of bugs even after the point releases… It took several major releases to get the bugs out… I was not really happy with RB until (IIRC) 5.5 … But then of course they made MAJOR structural changes and the cycle started over again, and we have gone though a few of those cycles since 5.5.

  • karen

I think areas where Xojo seeks improvement without external factors they DO improve. For instance the IDE is generally improved one release to the next.

The frameworks tend not to improve so much as adapt to the very fast moving circumstances of the underlying platforms. Difficult to blame Xojo for that.

I think the largest weakness Xojo has is when they release something new they almost never continue to improve it. A new Xojo release will have some new whiz bang features and then it is considered shipped and done for the foreseeable future. This encourages a feeling of bit rot or lack of resources as things like Web and iOS do not get realistically updated in years.

A better strategy from an optics standpoint might be to release a new widget or control for every target every release. No matter how limited or minuscule it shows ongoing improvement in the frameworks and reduces the feeling of staff limitations.

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