Xojo 2017 Release 3 is now available!

Xojo 2017 Release 3 continues with 64-bit improvements, with the new 64-bit IDE which greatly increases the memory available for projects. In addition, the Code Editor has been optimized for performance and is now much faster than previous versions.

This release has 170 changes and improvements, including:

*64-bit IDE on Windows, macOS and Linux
*Code editor has been optimized
*64-bit support for XojoScript on ARM
*64-bit iOS Debugging
*64-bit Windows apps can specify allowable Windows versions and security level
*64-bit apps now work with Reports
*SQLite updated to 3.20.1
*WebTextArea.CueText property
*Security improvements (OpenSSL 1.1.0e)

The complete list of improvements can be found in the ?release notes. Download now!