Xojo 2017 R2

July fools!


17 days to go before July ends…
(17 days to go 'till Chrismas ???)

In the interest of recycling

Actually, Release 1 was March 28th.

Excepted … Geoff told lately (Berlin ‘17) that r2 will be released in July 2017. So, 17 days 'till July 31st.

Now, if Xojo released it … on August 15th, 2017, it will be 31 days to go. :wink:

And some companies does not follow their promises. I think to a System File for Storage Devices promised for Sierra and that will never comes for it (for High SIerra, it seems…) So, for Apple announcements, I will never anymore hold my breath :wink:
Credibility = 0 in that case.

Edit: typo.

I wonder if Xojo version r1.1 suddenly stopped working. This kind of conversation seems to show up once in a while. It is also the reason why Xojo inc does not give any release date.

Norman in this occassion I will save you the trouble. “Xojo 2017 r2 will be ready when it is ready”.

Anyway I am happy with version 1.1, it does what it has to do for me. I rather prefer a stable version than one made in a hurry because they have to reach their deadlines.

Geoff told some weeks ago that “Xojo 2017r2 will be available in July 2017”.

I do not invent anything, I am just taking into account what was said.

I am not. I intend to check 2017r2 once it will be released before an eventual upgrade.

Me too, but you know what ? Who cares about what I prefer ?

July 2017 is not over yet. When you are not happy with version 2017 r1.1, what keeps you from reverting back to a past version which you are satisfied with?

That is what I am doing.

And I am patiently waiting.

Nota: when i am ready for release, I am also happy to be the day of release (I am waiting eagerly the day of release whatever day it will be).

I can wait 6 months before buying something. When the decision is done… what a shame they do not send the object to me for yesterday (when the decision was not yet done) !!! :wink:

Edit: typos removed. Add one line.


2017 Release 1 can come from January 1st, 2017 (very doubtfull,but why not ?) to March 31st;
2017 Release 2 can come from April 1st, 2017 (April’s Fool) to June 30th;
… and so on.

I was in the nails …

And I do not made critics for the extra month: I was warned!

Have a nice Sunday !

2017 r2 isn’t important…

I’m waiting for the 2017 r4 . :smiley:

Because of the Android apps. I made some apps with Java and Android Studio 1.x and 2.x, and hate it [IDE doesn’t feel fast.]
And before I learn “Kotlin”, I think Xojo with Android will be the perfect solution [for me]. So I’m patient for the 2017 r4. :slight_smile:

If it is anything like iOS, 2017R4 Android will probably be rather limited, and nothing like Android Studio in terms of performances. After two years, iOS remains in a state that hardly qualifies as equivalent of Desktop in terms of features, methods and properties. It is akin to a moped that tries to pass as a Harley-Davidson…

Harley-Davidson Scooters And Mopeds

Touch. Let us say Harley-Davidson full size bike, then.