XOJO 2016r1 - program fails on Windows in debugger or complied

I have several applications that could be complied and run on Mac OS X and Windows 10 using XOJO 2015 r4.1. I can run them in a remote debug session and then I use INNO to compile as a fully functioning Windows App.

I have just used XOJO 2016 r1 on these programs. MAC OS X works fine but remote debug or a fully executable from INNO fails.

In Remote Debug there is no break point or break when what ever the error causing the failure occurs. I have been stepping through the code not finding anything. All is good until I go full speed in debug then the crash occurs and again nothing identified in XOJO debug to indicate the problem.

All I need to successfully Remote Debug or to use INNO is to open and run or compile using XOJO 2015 r4.1.

I have used this on several different OS X platforms and all provide the same result.
Basic platform info
MAC OSX El Capitan 10.11.4
XOJO 2016 r1

Any idea on what I should look at in XOJO 2016 r1?


refer to this topic… perhaps it might shed some light


No special code - no pragmas needed. Checked to make sure it was 32 or 64 bit. Same settings worked fine in all releases previous to XOJO 2016 r1

If I step my way through TCP or db aspects the program works great. If I go full speed in debugger or standalone app performing the same request that I stepped through the app crashes

Are you connecting to mySQL by any chance? If you do, perhaps you should have a peak at the beta channel.

I am connecting to MySQL. What do you mean by saying ‘peak at the beta channel’

I think he meant “peek” at the beta channel in order to see if the latest beta fixes your problem.

yes peek… what a difference one letter makes!

too funny - sometimes being literate is a downfall - will check - thanks

It is unlikely that I would make such a basic mistake in French…

Looks like I found it.

There was a routine that checked data and was writing to the screen over and over again. I zeroed in by stepping to module and sub routine calls then by stepping through line by line. Old legacy code that support older Real Basic versions which is not needed anymore.

This was ok with MAC but not PC versions. This actually made the MAC code better once I found it.

Thanks to everyone who replied - you all got me thinking.

@Louis Desjardins - Peeking was the right thing to do :slight_smile: