Xojo 2016R1.1 has stopped working

Since 2016R2 is out, I could not use 2016R1.1, because it checks for new releases on startup. It finds that 2016R2 is out and shows the update window. Then I got the error: Xojo has stopped working

Temporary solution:
Start 2016R2 go to options => update => and select “never” from the popup menu.

Xojo 2015R4.1 work without this error.

I do not have that.

I fired Xojo 2016r1.1 and I get the Selector window (fast, very fast).

I used Xojo 2016r2 yesterday without apparent trouble.

My daily use version is Xojo 2015r1 (I have a license for this one) while the more recents are used “as demo / testings” only.

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