Xojo 2016 R4.1 Completely Unusable on Windows

Hi. I am finally ready to make my app Retina/HiDPI aware for Mac and Windows and so decided to upgrade from 2016R3 to 2016 R4.1 and boy what a horror story this is turning out to be upon my first compile…

FYI: I am currently working on the Windows app (on Windows 7 64 bit OS) and wanted to start creating Image Sets and once that was done my intention was to start working on the Mac side to tweak my code for that platform. I am also using SmartSVN source control.

So far images drawn to canvases don’t appear correctly, fonts don’t render correctly, pretty much most of my graphics and custom controls don’t render right…it’s an absolute nightmare and it seems to me that right now Xojo 2016 R4.1 is completely unusable on Windows.

But now I face a dilemma. I could theoretically drop Windows HiDPI support until Xojo has created a workable release and just move over to the Mac side now and if that does not have the same issues create Image Sets for Retina etc…but how on earth can I then still uses source control using the same Xojo project file for Windows? I don’t think I can because Xojo 2016R3 does not have Image Sets available for desktop projects so I could not load the same Mac modified project file (under source control) into my Windows project to build it using R2016R3 because I assume all of that new Image Set data would be stripped ruining my Mac app.

Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

Revert to 2016R3 as I did until now, or wait a few more days for 2017R1 (first quarter almost over).

2016R3 works fine for HiDPI.

Hi Michel. There are no ImageSets or HiDPI features on Windows IDE 2016R3…unless I am missing something? This means (as you say) I’ll either have to wait for 2017R1 and hope they fix everything or create a new source control project for Mac so I have source control for Mac using the latest build with Retina support and source control for Windows using 2016R3 with no HiDPI support.

This obviously is not ideal and goes against everything Xojo stands for…cross-platform development.

You may want to change your glasses :wink: Look again…

I have 2016 R3 now on both Mac and Windows and cannot see how to create ImageSet anywhere or enable HiDPI. Baffled.

Please can you upload a screenshot of your IDE where it shows this?

In your Xojo 2016r3 Folder, there is a Subfolder “Documentation”. In there you’ll find the file “DesktopHiDPISupport.pdf”.

The “Supports HiDPI” property is in Build Settings ? Shared: Build

Got it! Thank you :slight_smile: