Xojo 2015r4.1 ???

While I was reding the Forum, I noticed an oddity: someone (no offense Sam) was talking about 2015r4.1.

Since I do not saw any notice (I certainly skipped it, but how ?), I was thinking it was an error.

Then I downloaded a project to get an eye on it, loaded it and my 2015r1 talked to me about a new version (usual nice window) and I do not noticed this baand new version…

At last, I noticed it !

Where was I wrong ?

BTW: if consistency is the key, please, go back to the previous sheme ;-:slight_smile:

PS: I wear a brand new glasses since yesterday evening. I cannot change my eyes too if it is their fault ;-:slight_smile:

you missed the note:

Thank you Christian !

Also: Freedback does not have the release notes for 15r4.1…

At last:
last change date from 5 February 2016.

blog xojo does not talk about it too.

and I found them, thanks.

They are on the new docs site.

If they don’t appear, try restarting Feedback.


after I realized there was a new version, I searched once, not really found. A second search hours later gave results.


I have to do that every time. the first time I fire up feedback after a new release, I dont get the release notes. I quit it, and restart it and walla they are there.

Sorry for the buzz…

When there is news, I am so eager to read them…