XOJO 2015R3 not yet for download?

XOJO 2015R3 not yet for download, the download version seem still was 2015r2.4? TKS!

Its been posted since early this morning for download
Where are you located that you’re not seeing it ?

From China …

I downloaded it 12 hour ago in New Zealand.

As Norman stated earlier, I downloaded it §htem) nearly 24 hours ago.

China ? You may have to wait a bit more to get acces to it.

Did you go here ?.

Also: try to refresh the page once or twice / wait until less people access to the internet.

Greetings from Strasbourg, France.

It looks like r2.4 is still showing on the Chinese language page for some reason…

When one clicks on the button, 2015R3.dmg is downloaded.

Guess it takes longer for Xojo to have the page prepared in Chinese.