Xojo 2013R3.1?

After reading the recent Xojo Blog post from Paul about simulating iOS 7 controls in web applications, I downloaded the sample project. Upon attempting to open the project using Xojo 2013 R3, I am alerted that it was originally saved in a newer version of Xojo (version 2013.031).

I checked the downloads and still only see 2013R3. Did I miss something, or was this sample project just created with a version only at the internal testing stage?

Yes. I’m often using newer versions than you. I usually re-save projects with the current version to prevent this problem, but apparently did not for that one. I’ll get it fixed.

Thanks, Paul. I had a suspicion that was the case.

Robert, you should mark this one as answered.

Ahh got it. Sorry, Geoff. Still not quite used to the new forums.