Xojo 2.0 (WebRectangle)

Como hago para que NO se vea el borde?.

Hello @Mauricio_Tanco,

Var style As New WebStyle
// setting the BorderColor to clear will hide the border
style.BorderColor = Color.Clear
// setting the BorderThickness = 0, is presumably supposed to hide the border as well (but it doesn't!)
style.BorderThickness =0
Rectangle1.Style = style

Placed in Opening or Shown event of the WebRectangle.

Hola @Mauricio_Tanco

Esta es otra forma que puedes utilizar en Web 2.0; por ejemplo en el evento Opening:

Me.Style.Value("border-width") = "0"

@Javier_Menendez, FYI BorderThickness does set the border width of the WebRectangle. However, if BorderThickness is set to 0, it renders a WebRectangle border-width = 1). Is that a bug? or somehow by design? Perhaps the setting of BorderThickness is out by 1 whatever you set it at (speculating).

Kind regards, Andrew

Hi @Andrew_Paul_Dickey

The Showcase web app has several webrects with the border width set to 0… and they are not visible (as expected) :thinking:

Oh, wait… I set them without using a WebStyle.


Borders certainly remain visible using:

Var style As New WebStyle
style.BorderThickness = 0
Rectangle1.Style = style

in either Opening or Shown events.

but if I use

Var style As New WebStyle
style.BorderThickness = 5
Rectangle1.Style = style

I do get a visibly fatter border.

Seems like a bug…is it?

I was curious why you were promoting the use of “border-width” and not using the built-in property BorderThickness? If the built in properties are not reliable why not just (or also) implement type-ahead for their html/css equivalents? either way, it’s no big deal.

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