XMPP (Jabber)

Has anyone implemented and X MPP (jabber/chat) library?

Perhaps there’s a plug-in out there that will save me the time of learning the web control (which I find daunting as I don’t know JavaScript)

Guess not.

bumping this one just to triple check.

doesnt look like it

but there’s a long list here http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/libraries/

Thanks Norman. I have already been researching the XMPP XML messaging types. Its not hard, just time consuming so I will try to take a crack over the holiday break. implementing classes. :slight_smile:

A python or ruby implementation might be easiest to port
But there are lots there to fiddle with

We’re just now rolling out 1000 phones through our county government and we’re starting a Jabber test phase. My goal is to program something in Xojo (Desktop or Web) that on an incoming call, it does a lookup in our system(s) and displays information about the caller (if it is available) and displays all of their open permits, plans, and business licenses. I’m about to register for the Cisco Jabber SDK.

Does anyone have any starting tips or code to share? If I get things working, I’ll try to contribute back.

I’ve implemented client version of this protocol for desktop using Xojo few years ago. Don’t know whether the library can be used in web project.

Could you share that if possible ? I was thinking to have this as a client for my apps for support