XMLException unsupported URI scheme

hi i am using xml.transform to process un xlst but i get error 67

  Dim xmlA As New XmlDocument
  dim xmlB as new XmlDocument
  tco.Text = xmlA.Transform(xmlB.ToString)
Catch e As XmlException
  'why i have this error 67 XMLException unsupported URI scheme 'http'
  'what am I doing wrong?
  ' i probe in vb and work well
  'I need to do something?
  msgbox e.ErrorNumber.ToText+e.Message

here can you download my code with xml and xlst

i workin with xojo 2017 r2.1

i try with
Old postbut do not work

Here is what I get when I try your example using Oxygen… hope this helps:

Description: Ambiguous rule match for /
Matches both “document-node()” on line 40 of file:/Users/jimmeyer/Desktop/x.xsl
and “document-node()” on line 8 of http://www.sat.gob.mx/sitio_internet/cfd/vehiculousado/vehiculousado.xslt
URL: http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt20/#err-XTRE0540

hi james i doit the same program in vb6 and work well and probe files in xml tranform on line and work well too

in a old post i see that this was solved, but with the info in the post i don get resolved and in the new version almost in xojo 2017 r2.1 no work

I came to this problem for an app data import some times ago.
I solved it by simply removing this line with the http in it and then xml methods works fine.

dim rx as new RegEx rx.SearchPattern = "(?mi-Us)^.*http://www.*$\ " rx.ReplacementPattern = "" dim rxOptions as RegExOptions = rx.Options rxOptions.LineEndType = 4 rxOptions.ReplaceAllMatches = true dim replacedText as string = rx.Replace( theXML )

hi, i review and comment what is the result