XMLDocument example crash

The example in the XMLDocument page of the docs crash successfuly at each run.

How can this be ?

The crash appears very early in the example (here: root = xml.AppendChild(xml.CreateElement("League")) ?)

Quickly tested it. Doesn’t crash, compiles and runs without problems.

OS X 10.9.4 / Xojo 2014r2 ?

The one on line or the local one ?
(I do not checked to see if they are different)

OK, here is the offending code:


Dim xml As New XmlDocument

Beep have a break point, the cash occured in the Dim line…
A crash that displays a large window with plenty of crash stuff…

Just in case, I changed the offending line to:

Dim myXML As New XmlDocument

same crash…

this is a bug in Xojo 2014r2 (Fixed for r2.1) in Carbon version.
You can use Cocoa or other Xojo version.

Hi Christian,

this was under Xojo, Cocoa.

I do not choosed the good date to create a plist !

Feedback “30013 - XMLDoucument in the langage referance could use actual XML examples” ?
from October 5th, 2013 ?

I checked Xojo 2014r1.1 and the example (delivered with that version) works fine.

Thank you Christian for the tip, I will resume that project with that version till 2.1 will be out, when it will be out.

great. :slight_smile: