XmlDocument - debugging

Within a project I am creating XML strings using XmlDocument object.
Works fine actually, until I make a small coding typo which only causes a runtime error. Although I have the option “Break on exceptions” switched on, in this case it often happens that my project in debugmode ends with a messagebox telling me the app crashed and has to shut down. So it doesn’t show me the line causing the error.
I can understand that XmlDocument is actually code from elsewhere and that a crash probably cannot be intercepted at some point.
Or, should we consider this to be a Xojo bug ?

It should still be filed as a bug. It may be fixed in a later version of the library to which we can update.

FB 67243

same here.
I sometimes do xml stuff, and when I try to open it with xojo, I sometimes get an exception when the xml is badly made.
but you have no clue (almost) to where the problem is .
does a tool exists that tells you where a problem is inside an xml file?
I tried some xml editors, but did not find one that was pinpointing error in a satisfactory way.

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I use FireFox to open and view xml files… It formats the files so it is easy to read and if the file is not well-formed it will show you where the error is.

You can also use Oxygen (https://www.oxygenxml.com) but that is not free.


thanks Jim.
I just tried with opera and safari: they also read xml and display the tree so you can find errors better.