XML speed?

I upgraded to Xojo 2017 on the Mac a couple of months ago.
Its hard to define but it seems as if XML handling has become much slower.

Has anyone else seen similar, and is there an alternative XML parser which is faster than the Xojo native one?

You need to define it. Profile your code to see the actual time, and get an understanding of where time is being spent. Provide evidence, tests, and examples. Saying XML is “much slower” without this data is irresponsible and gets us nowhere. It could be your implementation that’s problematic.

If it actually is slower, I would want to know about it, and methods for working with the changes.

Right now, all I am looking for is whether ‘its just me/my perception’.
‘Seems’ does not imply ‘definitely is, and must be fixed immediately’

I’m already embarking on a code review and profiling regardless.
Where the difference is noticeable appears to be High Sierra systems.

So I’m investigating but if anyone else has seen anything similar and /or knows of a faster system than Xojo’s, I would like to hear from them.

then I will let you know.

I can definitely tell you that we’ve not touched that code in many years.

Thanks Greg. Good to know.

I’ve been dialling into ‘problem’ machines to investigate and find it’s looking more like ‘extreme’ cases.

In worst instances, I have found the generated XML is getting over 4 million elements, and it isn’t scalable up to that level.
(I haven’t yet established whether the processing time increases linearly or logarithmically.)
Currently prototyping an alternative storage method.