xml question

i am start using some xml files and in the bellow screenshot i have a small issue.
The Root node have some Childs and i am stuck at the last four with the same name “cue_v2
I want to know if is one child with the name"cue_v2" or more so i will change my code accordingly…
If i use the root node with childcount i will get 11 childs,but only i want to count the last with the same name…
Something like > if child.name = “cue_v2” more than x then…
Can anyone give a tip ?
Thank you

definitely not wrong for a node to contain one or more nodes with the same node type

i’d expect there’s a nice XQL query that could tell you the count - but I dont use XQL enough to be really conversant with what that might look like

Xql returns a NodeList, which has a Count property.

XQL has a length property

dim xq as xmlNodeList=myDocument.documentElement.xql("cue_v2") dim n as integer=xq.length

then you can access the single nodes with

dim  xn as xmlNode=xq.item(i) //where i is between 0 and n-1

Thank you @Tim Hare @Antonio Rinaldi @Norman Palardy