XML Projects vs. xojo_xml_project

What’s the difference, and the reason behind, Xojo creating files with the extension .xojo_xml_project instead of just using .xml?

I have lots of projects creating in RS2011r3 as XML, and they have .xml as the extension. I can load these into Xojo only by dragging them onto a Xojo app icon. If I Save, then it rewrites the .xml. But if I Save As… it writes the new files as .xojo_xml_project. This seems to be the same type of file - just an XML file.

I’d rather (for my reasons) keep it as XML, but then there are quite a few Xojo advantages that I can take advantage of, like XML projects not showing up in the start screen.

So, why the extension change?

It’s in line with the file extensions for the other file types as well that have Xojo in the name. I think it’s more for Xojo’s sake than for anything else. I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from using the XML extension other than that the IDE may not ‘open’ it from the Open Dialog.

don’t know for sure… but I use it to find Xojo project amongst all the other non-Xojo project XML files :slight_smile:

So, if true, then can Xojo give the same access to XML as projects as xojo_xml_project?

For instance, if - in Xojo - you go File-Open, all .xml files are grayed out, so you can’t open them.

OK, I get that it’s trying to have you not “open a xml that is not a project” but why can’t they just offer up a error dialog “Not a XML Project”. As it is, the only way to open a xml project is to drag the file (meaning you have to go and access it in the Finder/Explorer) and drop it on a Xojo icon.

While I’m complaining =), can we stop having Xojo put RBS files in the Open Recent menu? It clutters it up and there’s already a dedicated menu for RBS files.

Can you open it by dragging the XML file on to the app icon? That might get away from the Open Dialog filter.