XML, Linux and errors in rendering

Hi everybody,

I’ve noticed a curious thing while dealing with XML in Xojo.
If I simply try to load an electronic invoice XML and then apply the XML.Transform method, given the very same project and same XSL, the HTMLViewer control outputs different renderings, wether the program is running on Win or Linux: if I try on Win everything is OK whilst doing it on Linux some datas (like quantity and price values) are missing/not read and the invoice has a “NaN” string as total.
I’ve checked out the dependencies on Linux and the libraries that are needed for HTMLViewer to work: everything is correct.
Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

Dim fatt As FolderItem fatt=GetOpenFolderItem("text/xml") If fatt <> Nil Then Dim temp As FolderItem = GetTemporaryFolderItem Dim xml as New XmlDocument xml.LoadXml(fatt) Dim prettyXML As String = xml.Transform(kFoglioDiStileXSL) HTMLViewer1.LoadPage(prettyXML, temp) end

I would use something else to check the output. Modern browsers have a habit of “fixing” content if they perceive any hierarchy issues and if there were multiple issues there’s no telling what would happen.

I suggest taking both files to Linux and using the diff command to check them.

I’ve checked it out too: some numbers, some values are not rendered in any way. Being an invoice I think that price and quantity values are rather important.
The same thing, with the same listing, behaves differently in Windows and Macintosh, whereas these numbers are rendered correctly. :frowning:

Ciao Riccardo,
Maybe you have used something your xsl that works only on win.
send me the xml and the xsl, maybe I can find a solution

Antonio, I’ve sent everything in a private conversation.
Many thanks.