XML GetAttribute when the attribute does not exist

I’m parsing and xml document with 66 or 67 attributes. I get these attributes into variables using the GetAttribute method. Most of the time the 67th attribute does not exist. I thought I’d handle this with a TRY block of code but it doesn’t error when the attribute does not exist. Why is that? It returns a “”. I would think it should error if an attribute does not exist?

Hi Duane,

Thanks for asking about this. I am not sure if you can do this, but can you supply example code that I can try? Feel free to use non-proprietary information so that I can try it out.



Except it is documented this way
See Notes
Returns “” (empty string) if the attribute does not exist.

and this makes some sense
Maybe use GetAttributeNode instead which should give you a nil node which is easier to check

Thanks Norman. I did look at that but missed it in the Notes. This will work and now that I know it’s supposed to be that way I’m confident about it.

I’m parsing some XML where a true/false attribute is included in the return only if it false. So a test for the value will work for me. I’ll need to check the docs more closely.