Xippets has new bits...

Xippets is a Xojo developer code repository. Only a few weeks old now and needs your support to grow. You can view others code, submit your own code and request help from others by requesting a Xippet. We are adding new features all the time so if there is something you think we are missing or something you would like to see, please let us know.
[h]Get Xippeting[/h]

  • Main Site https://www.boxedbyte.com/xippets.php
  • RSS Feed https://www.boxedbyte.com/feed/
    [h]New Features Released Today[/h]
  • Xippet Manager now in your account page. View your Xippets posted, Xippets requested and your favourite Xippets.
  • Add Xippets to your favourites. On the view page of every Xippet, when you are logged in, you will see an ‘Add to Favourites’ button at the top right of the Xippet. Click the button and the Xippet will be added to your favourites which can be found in your account section.
  • Announcements are now on the RSS feed. Subscribe to the RSS feed and as well as all Xippets posted you will be notified of any new announcements
    [h]New features coming up[/h]
  • Keep me logged in. Due to demand, a ‘keep me logged in’ feature will be added to the log in page and allow you to remain logged in and not have to enter your credentials on every visit to the site.
  • Code Uploads. We will be adding code uploads to Xippets so you can add example code to compliment your Xippet. This will be a simple integration into the existing Xippet editor page and allow you to post code as easily as adding an attachment to an email.
  • A rather boring feature, more of a requirement, our terms of use, privacy policy & cookie policy will be put on the site. We don’t think you will find any big surprises in there but we need to display them.

We hope you will continue using Xippets and help us to grow this into a great resource.