xDevLibrary Announces New VB-to-Xojo Ebook

May 30, 2019 – xDevLibrary is delighted to announce the release of a new book by Paul Abell, “VB.Net to Xojo: Converting Visual Studio Basic to Xojo.”

The 50+ page ebook can be purchased for $9.99 via GumRoad for instant delivery (http://gum.co/qPkCj).

Visual Studio Basic and Xojo are remarkably similar… but just enough different that those subtle changes can throw you off your programming game. What you need is a guide, someone to show you the Xojo ropes.

Thankfully, Paul Abell is here to show you how to make the VB.net to Xojo transition. He’ll show you the conversion process, point out common Xojo misconceptions VB users make, and help you with tips and techniques to make your move to Xojo easy and successful!

Some of the topics discussed include explanations in how the two languages handle files, menus, colors, sounds, errors, printing, and more. You’ll learn how to add features like using the Escape key to close windows, make pictures fit a box, and more.

Paul even includes the full source of a Xojo Windows project he wrote, XJSnip, which lets you manage snippets of Xojo code.

Ebook is in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi (Kindle) formats.

Interested readers can find out more and purchase this book and many others at xDevLibrary (http://www.xdevlibrary.com).

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