xDev Magazine Issue 11.6 (November/December 2013) Now Available

xDev Magazine Issue 11.6 (November/December 2013) Now Available

November 2013 – xDev Magazine is pleased to announce that the new Nov/Dec 2013 (11.6) issue is now available in PDF and print-on-demand formats.

xDev Magazine is the only publication in the world exclusively devoted to guiding developers in how to use the free Xojo development environment, from Xojo, Inc.

This latest issue of the magazine includes the following feature articles:

  • What’s New in R3? * by Marc Zeedar
    Wary of the newest Xojo update? You shouldn’t be. It’s a definite improvement.

  • Code Smarter * by Trisha Duke
    Trisha shares tips from her Xojo Developer’s Conference talk last spring.

  • MBS Conference Report * by Bill Kearney
    What happened at the MBS Xojo Conference in Germany in September.

  • The Apple About Box * by Sam Rowlands
    Using an official Apple About Box is easy and saves you time.

  • ChartPart 3.0 * by Kevin Cully
    ChartPart broke with Xojo, but Kevin fixed it for you.

  • Creating Xojo Plugins * by Matt Gardner
    Creating plugins for Xojo with XCode: a step-by-step guide.

The xDev columnists bring articles on unit testing, inheritance versus interfaces, understanding path enumeration, and much more. Plus, this issue debuts two new columns: one on mastering regular expressions, and a “Tips and Tricks” section where readers can vote on the best Xojo tip!

This new issue can be purchased and downloaded instantly via GumRoad: http://gum.co/ActQJ

Interested readers may purchase full-color print editions of xDev Magazine via the MagCloud fulfillment service (http://rbd.magcloud.com). Digital editions in PDF may be purchased directly from the xDev website (http://www.xdevmag.com/orders.shtml). Individual PDF issues are $10; annual subscriptions (six issues) are $50.

Also available on the xDev website are printed perfect-bound books of each of the magazine’s first 10 years. Each book is over 300 pages and contains over 70 articles and programming tutorials. Volume Ten is available for order now.

About xDev Magazine
Formerly Real Studio Developer, xDev Magazine has been publishing since 2002. xDev is an independent bimonthly publication focused on instructing users of the Xojo development environment. Each issue features over 70 pages of quality articles from top Xojo programmers and authors. xDev is renown around the world as the premiere source of Xojo instruction, tutorials, and programming advice.

About Xojo
Xojo, Inc. was founded with the idea that software development should be accessible to anyone. With traditional tools, creating software applications can be a very complicated process, but using Xojo anyone can learn to create high quality, native apps for the web, OS X, Windows, Linux, and soon, mobile as well. With users all over the world, Xojo apps can be found in every conceivable category – from commercial software applications to use in governments, universities, businesses, and the Fortune 500. Secondary-level and college students in schools all over the world are introduced to programming with Xojo. For more information, visit www.xojo.com.