XDC2019 informal check in

I’m here. Who else?

Keen bean! I shall be there late Tuesday so I probably won’t get to meet people until Weds breakfast. Very excited though!

I will be there after lunch on tuesday… land at 1pm

Arriving tomorrow afternoon.

I’m probably on @Paul Budd 's Lufthansa flight! “We meet again, Mr Budd…”

Catching a Redeye in the AM

Should be at the hotel around 5

I land Tuesday afternoon

I should be landing around 4 pm Miami time tomorrow. Whoo!

I arrived this Monday afternoon. Hope to meet someone Xojo-related for breakfast (Tuesday).

I didn’t realise that EuroWings is the poor man’s Lufthansa — pleasant, but minimal!



Just landed! Heading for hotel now…

Just arrived. I think I’ll save the meet and greet until tomorrow though as I left my house 18 hours ago and shamelessly need a nap!

18 hours ? omg !
what did you do ? walk most of the way ?
push the plane down the runway ?

either way … enjoy

Welcome everybody and see you tomorrow!