XDC2018 Open Conversation - Day 3

Sorry for the late updates. After breakfast a bunch of us broke off into groups to talk and code during sessions. I’m now in @Paul Lefebvre 's iOS session describing the anatomy of an iOS app.

We all need http://thecatapi.com

“Leave My Kitty Alone”
The Beatles

A very deceptive title for the session i just sat through. ‘Moving beyond the Examples’. Some really good real world practice of converting database systems from Filemaker, Access and such like to XOJO, trials, tribulations and pitfalls around security and user access and how decisions were reached on choice of database (Postgres).

@Jeremie Leroy will now tell us how to be successful with iOS while @William Yu discusses Linux in the next room.

With GTK+3 support on Linux, you can use css to customize controls.

Could you post an example please?

That’s all folks.