XDC Xojo Wars?

I know there wasn’t one in 2016, but any plans for a Xojo Wars for XDC 2018? @Paul Lefebvre ?

We are still in the planning phases, but will let you know when we make the decision and are able to gauge interest.

@Jason Fink I don’t see you currently registered for XDC. Are you planning to come? Just a reminder that the deadline to save with the early bird discount is coming up Oct 1.

I am personally not going to the XDC, but very eager to know what Xojo Wars are? :slight_smile:

@Dana Brown The inclusion of Xojo Wars will make or break my decision of attending… just kidding. My employer sponsors my and a coworker’s registration/trip, but it’s in the plans.

@Mathias Maes A coding competition, just search the forums for it.

Xojo Wars info: