XDC Wishes

What are people crossing their fingers for that might be announced at the keynote tomorrow? Unfortunately I can’t make it in person and I’m not sure if the keynote will be streamed or unavailable to the wider public but I’m wondering what users are hoping might be revealed.

Personally I’m hoping we see Xojo Libraries introduced. I’ve long considered building a package manager for Xojo and if these get announced they would form the basis of one I suspect.

What are other people hooping might get announced?


I am hoping that they announce i have not missed it as having just downloaded the Android app it appears to be a day early :-).

In all seriousness Android would be nice.


• Improvements to the UI / graphics on MS-Windows that reverse the various issues caused by the Direct2D transition.

• A commitment to improving quality / reducing bugs.

• Improvements to the IDE / debugger.


There is a roadmap and a report on the progress for each item would be nice.


+1 for that
don’t care much about the rest, in fact plugins use to bring us things we missed

I think if you set your expectations now, you inevitably will be disappointed. And just because something isn’t discussed, or even mentioned, during XDC, does not mean it’s not in progress.


I’m not sure that I want “surprises” anymore. I’m too old for surprises! I’d happily just hear updates of items on the Roadmap.


yes xojo.inc is a small company, can’t afford a “one more thing” like product.
so not expecting much can only lead to good surprises

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i wish they announce a steady new version and an ChatGpt debugger.

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I have to say that out of all the possible new features, that is the one that I would want the most.

Even if the Xojo Library was nothing more than a module that could hold multiple classes and have the ability to be external and shareable between multiple projects.

Often, I end up using a Dictionary or JSONItem when a class would be nicer, but instead decide I would rather not create one more external link for another individual class.

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Lower expectations to increase satisfaction - I love it! :grin:

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Yes this is my top favorites too!

My wish on XDC for now: breakfast


Just announced in the XDC Keynote!

*The Keynote and all XDC Sessions will be available free on Xojo’s YouTube channel, subscribe to get notifications when they are added! Xojo - YouTube

*Xojo Android will be shipping in the next release, Xojo 2023r2!

Details will follow on the Xojo Blog later today!


what did you all have for breakfast??

More XAML Progress…

Making Xojo Apps look modern on Windows is such a pita. :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to activate automatic subtitles on the XDC videos please?

From what I understand, YouTube takes some time to create the automatic subtitles. If the video is new it will not have the option, but after some time (don’t know how much) it will offer the automatic subtitles.

A video in YouTube, from another channel, didn’t have automatic subtitles yesterday and today I can activate them.


Hi Oliver, Alberto is right, they take some time. But I have verified they are enabled, right now I see them for the Keynote but not for any other videos.