XDC Price Increases TOMORROW - Save $100 today!

Xojo Developer Conference 2022

Save $100 on registration by tomorrow, October 1st
March 30th, March 31st & April 1st
Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury

Register for XDC 2022 today, save $100 when you register by October 1st. Registering early helps us plan the best possible event. Don’t worry - the conference is “covid-proof,” meaning that if for any reason it is cancelled or you are unable to attend due to a covid-related issue (illness, travel restrictions, etc.), we’ll refund your registration in full.

We are ramping up conference planning and our confidence that the conference will be able to proceed is high right now. With 50+ people registered from 12 countries, it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm for reconnecting and being together in person once again.

XDC, after all, is more of a reunion than a traditional conference. Yes, you will learn from the sessions, but the real value – every attendee will tell you – is the casual, spontaneous conversations that happen in the hallway, or the elevator, during the evening events, at the ice cream bar and in between sessions. It’s wonderful to look around the hallways and see people showing each other what they have made or watching a Xojo engineer sit next to someone to track down a bug or offer feedback. It truly is a tech conference like no other:

Come join us in London for a pint and some fish and chips (that’s our first stop!) and we will have an amazing conference, do some sight-seeing and make some new friends!


Reserve your room at the Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury with our special conference rate of £169. You do not have to stay at the conference hotel, however your conference experience will be better if you do. Staying onsite not only makes it easier to participate, but if you need a break during the day - you do not have far to go!

Interested in participating in XDC as a sponsor? Email us and we can put together a sponsorship package that fits your goals.

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