XDC Photo Feed

Several of you have already sent me some great pics of your arrival in Houston & Hotel Derek, so I’m starting this thread so we can share pics we take! Anyone want to start? (I’m not there yet, or I would!)

Houston uptown view from Hotel Derek this (early) morning:


Starting to set up!

nice catch !

The homepage certainly mentions iOS but it’s also had (and has) the tag line “Create native cross-platform desktop, web, mobile & Raspberry Pi apps” for a long time now. Not that I’d disagree with what you’re implying…

And now back to the photos :slight_smile:

Looking at the photo remind me the green the current Strasbourg Major now use Strasbourg web site.

They use this color everywhere (cars, documents, etc.).

Mobile as your mobile clients may come via web or native iOS app…
I think they say mobile for some time now.

Keynote time! http://imgur.com/a/qtKGH

Paul talking iOS: http://imgur.com/a/hw1Ua

Oh no!

[quote=290176:@Tim Parnell]NOT THE BACK OF MY HEAD
Oh no![/quote]
Turn around next time!

Sunset over Houston last night: http://imgur.com/SUY65UQ