XDC London, Day 3 Open Discussion

And we’re off.
First session of the day is on migration from Web 1 to Web 2.
David Cox currently talking about why some people stay with web 1.0 and what’s holding them back


If you want to see what happens at XDC2023, keep your eye on the Xojo XDC2023 playlist on youtube.
They are adding the session videos at lightning speed.


All the sessions today are quite interesting.
After the web 1 to web 2 session, we had a talk on JSON by Stefanie Juchmes of MBS fame and a talk on Making everything the same (about controls) by Bob Gorden and another talk about the possibilities of AI by Yousaf Shah. Currently Jeremy is talking about app monetisation.
Keep you eye on the Xojo Youtube channel to see the presentations.