XDC location!

I propose this as the site for the next XDC. We just have to line up the chairs in threes…


Why not the ISS if we’re proposing unrealistic places to have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Mars ?

Oh wow that’s terrifying.

Think of the possibilities! If you’re a speaker who needs to get your audience’s attention, just stomp your foot once.

Or the Cha Cha Slide.
One hop this time! Right foot let’s stomp. Right foot again. Two hops, let’s go!

obviously you’ve never been on a suspension bridge when people have done this en masse :stuck_out_tongue:
it can be very dangerous

You don’t say…


Seen people get badly hurt on one in Calgary that they’ve now closed because you could swing it so violently with enough well timed people

If we are talking about bridges …

This bridge collapse is legendary and caught on film (yes film not video). Here is the YouTube version. No human life was lost but one dog died that was left behind in a car.


Let’s not have XDC on either side of a bridge like this one.

Dont even have to watch to know you mean Galloping Gertie (or Gerty I can never remember)
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Infamous is an understatement

Let’s try Europe first. … if that’s going to be a problem, Mars will be definitely unrealistic.

I think MARS is quite realistic.

To be fair, North or Sud Pole should be considered too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps we should consider to held the next XDC where intelligent life in our galaxy exist. :slight_smile:

There is hope that intelligent live exist.

Let’s keep it simple.
In Geoff’s backyard. :wink:

I’ve got a restraining order for Geoff’s backyard so I can’t attend XDC there :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re refering to the bar named “Geoff’s Backyard”, right?

Let’s call it “Xojo BBQ”

If only flying wasn’t just this miserable and annoying and exhausting experience. And everyone is so charmingly regarded as a terrorist.

I fully agree Beatrix… think the same.
But this time I didn’t want to click the “Like” button. :slight_smile:

And with that we’ve gone…. shall we say, off the bridge.