XDC Anywhere Starts Monday!

Just a few days left until XDC Anywhere! The keynote will premiere Monday at 10AM CT - we will be posting links here and on the website. If you signed up for announcements, you’ll get an email when the keynote and sessions are available.


Since we have users all over the world joining, session videos will be released so you can watch them at a time that is convenient for you. Each video will be linked with a topic on the Xojo Forum where you can continue the conversation and ask questions.

Monday (4/25) - Keynote from Geoff Perlman, available 2022-04-25T15:00:00Z (local time)
Tuesday (4/26) - XDC Sessions Part 1
Wednesday (4/27) - XDC Sessions Part 2
Thursday (4/28) - Live Q&A with the Xojo Engineers at 1PM CT (to be recorded)
Thursday (4/28) - Live Social Hangout at 2PM CT

The Q&A and Hangout will take place via Zoom.