XDC Anywhere Keynote Discussion

Keynote will be available starting 2022-04-25T15:00:00Z

Founder and CEO of Xojo, Inc. Geoff Perlman discusses our vision for Xojo, how we have been delivering on that vision and our plans for continuing to do so for the future.

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Only an hour to go. I’m looking forward to the keynote and the rest of the sessions for XDC Anywhere


30 minutes!


Live chat happening over at the YouTube page if you want to chat with everyone while you wait :slight_smile:

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5 minutes!

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Starting now!

The absence of comments after that shortest keynote of all times makes me believe others share my feelings …


I was expecting new features introduction. It was just a recap of few years of keynotes.


I’m sorry but that was a poor keynote - seemed to lack any passion, details on new features or just proper updates in the roadmap. It was like just reading down the roadmap. Sorry Geoff but that was not what I was expecting.


We’ve gotten some questions about more details about Xojo Android and there will be an entire session on Xojo Android coming tomorrow!

Since this is a discussion thread, I guess I have a comment on one item in the keynote.

I’m curious what was being described at 5:30 in the video. It sounds to me like a version of data bound controls. If that is in fact what is being described, I’m curious why this would be further pursued, at this point in time. I understand that it might be easier for beginners, but developing applications in this manner has always been warned against (by the development tool makers themselves) as being against best practices and a bad design pattern.

One of the things I find attractive about Xojo is that it seems to point developers new to the platform in the right direction. I am wondering if there is a renewed emphasis placed on data bound controls, if this might actually push new developers into a direction they would regret later on?

Anyway, just a thought and an observation. I actually do not know what was meant @5:30 in the keynote video - but these thoughts came to mind after hearing about that particular feature being worked on.


Yes this is exactly what is being developed Michael - coming from my FileMaker background this is one area I found difficult initially with Xojo. I see both positives and negatives depending on how this is implemented. If they make it easy for FileMaker users to pick up the tool then this could see a large number of frustrated FileMaker developers jump ship.

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As you mentioned, for beginners getting data into the UI so the end user can view and edit and then getting those changes back into the database is non-trivial. For experienced developers, it’s time-consuming. It can be made easier for beginners and faster for experienced developers.

What we care most about is making Xojo users productive. And we generally try to guide users and design features so that users don’t shoot themselves in the foot as they say.


I have seen Modern UI for Windows 11 in the roadmap for some time. It would be nice to know more about that in detail, nobody I’ve spoken to knows what this means. This also applies for New Controls and Modern Updates for macOS. I had hoped for more on these, the new grid control and on the proposed new IDE changes for better productivity that have been suggested for a very long time. Hopefully we can find out more about these this week.


That is how it works, a really small group decide what to do and how to do it, they anouce the feature, work for a few years and then release it… No user input and in most cases, not what users wanted or even not even usable.

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Well, it wasn’t ‘the thing’ , it was a ‘welcome to the thing’
But most of the welcome was looking backwards.
Maybe ‘the thing itself’ will have some surprises.


Sorry, but that was disappointing.

We don’t expect an Apple-Like keynote.But no new things to tell?Not even a single announcement.How about some insights about the community, real future plans, how you will implement it etc.?

Could be that you shot your powder already in the meantime in your last releases, but then It would have been cool to see how the adaption rate is, or what customers built with Xojo in the past year, or, or, or.

The history can be read on the Wikipedia page.

And the “one last thing”? A developer-retreat? In the US? Wow, didn’t see that coming, thats true.

It might should has to be seen as an opener for the upcomming sessions. Perhaps only my expectation were to high. Sorry for the rant.


Hindsight is 20/20, perhaps it should have been called an Intro or a Welcome and not a Keynote. We wanted to welcome everyone with a message from Geoff that focused on Xojo’s vision. I can guarantee that the event in Nashville will have a Keynote like you would expect in both size and scope. We really want to have a public roadmap to help you know what’s in the pipeline but that means we don’t have many “surprises” to announce in situations like this. We’ve learned in the past that looking and announcing too far into the future isn’t helpful either. I hope you will join us for the sessions coming tomorrow and Wednesday, you can see the list so you know what’s coming here.