XDC 2020 Boston?

Meh, shed your cares for a jolly mood.

In other words, @Rich Hatfield …

Holy hell Kem!

if you bring karaoke on the XDC party bus… so help me… help me… SING with you :slight_smile:

Chances are not great but what if the Yankees play in Boston that week? It would be tough to get reasonably priced tickets but we could still watch Kem (NY Yankees fan) & Paul (Boston Red Sox fan) battle it out.

The week in question has not been chosen yet…

hmmm sounds like Kem’s party bus can pick me up when he passes Hartford

THERE IS NO… ug, fine, text me your address.

My wife says if it’s Boston then she’s coming too. I think that’s a good thing!

It looks like now Boston has a 50/50 shot now that San Antonio looks to be out of the running!

I was at San Antonio for a work related conference (employer paid) maybe 12 years ago… The river walk along the canals was nice (I was there around Halloween and the tour boat drivers where in costume) , the Mall was nice but a just like many malls … and the Alamo was underwhelming! I always though (from the old movie) that it would be bigger!

  • karen

If in Boston, I will personally pick up every attendee in my karaoke party bus to deliver them to the conference.*

* Karaoke will consist entirely of speeches by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. “Party” does not infer fun. Fun will be avoided where possible. “Bus” is a general term that does not refer to a vehicle of any particular type, size, classification, or smell. Riders agree to push the party bus up hills. Taunting of party bus must be humorous. Amenities are extra and may not be available, including, but not limited to, food, water, legroom, and oxygen. Offer void in all known, unknown, imagined, and unimagined universes.

Boston is not on the top of my list of XDC places but then again I have been doing work in Boston (area) for over 20 years and have spent more time in Logan than I would like to count. Not saying that if it were in Boston I would not come, it just doesnt get me as excited as some of the other options.

I’d definitely go - it’s drivable for me, and I haven’t stayed in Boston since the days of - MacWorld!

Boston is close enough that I’d consider attending again.

IIRC Hartford is about a 2 hr drive to Boston. A bit far for back and forth every day.!

For me downtown Boston is about 15 miles.

  • Karen

[quote=435708:@Karen Atkocius]IIRC Hartford is about a 2 hr drive to Boston. A bit far for back and forth every day.!

For me downtown Boston is about 15 miles.

  • Karen[/quote]
    I have friends in Boston. It’d be easy to bunk there for a couple nights.