XDC 2016 videos are here!

XDC 2016 videos are here! Access all 34 session videos - special introductory price of $349, buy now! XDC attendees get free access to the videos via your account.

Videos include:
*XDC Keynote
*About the Xojo Compiler, Joe Ranieri
*Advanced Git Features and Methodologies, Justin Elliott
*All About iOS, Travis Hill
*Ask the Xojo Engineers
*Build and Consume REST WebServices with Xojo, Pat Delaney
*Database Driven Apps, Hal Gumbert
*Database Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns, Craig Boyd
*Desktop Developer’s Guide to Making iOS Apps, Paul Lefebvre
*Eliminating Common Database Issues, Bob Keeney
*Quick, Good and Cheap: Removing Human Error in the Xojo Application Build Process, Greg O’Lone
*Fun topics with Introspection, Norman Palardy
*Grow Your Software Company: Create Value, Get Sales, Paul Levine
*Implementing Self-Updating Apps with Kaju, Kem Tekinay
*It Rhymes with Mojo, Mark Strickland
*Load Balancing and Other Techniques for Enterprise Web Apps, John Joyce
*Managing Your Projects (and Yourself) to Success, Susan Fennema
*Mastering PostgreSQL, Dirk Cleenwerck
*Modernizing Your Xojo Apps, Paul Lefebvre
*Panel Discussion - Running a Software Business - Geoff Perlman, Paul Levine, Fred Roller
*Panel Discussion - Xojo Consulting - Paul Lefebvre, Bob Keeney, Tim Dietrich, Hal Gumbert
*Powering Apple TV Apps With Xojo, Tim Dietrich
*Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Gadget, Paul Lefebvre
*Responsive Design for Desktop and Web, Michel Bujardet
*Snippets: A Collection of Tools and Code to Enhance Productivity, Bob Gordon
*Supercharge Your Windows and Linux Apps, William Yu
*Supporting Retina and HiDPI in Your Applications, Greg O’Lone
*Test Driven Development, Jeremy Cowgar
*The Dirty Dozen: Connecting to Nearly Any Database with the MBS SQL Plugin, Christian Schmitz
*The Xojo Framework, Joe Ranieri & Travis Hill
*Unit Testing from Soup to Nuts in Xojo, Philippe Casgrain
*Xojo Reporting on Steroids, Bob Keeney
*Xojo’s Role in the API Economy, Tim Dietrich
*XojoScript: Xojo’s Coolest Feature, Marc Zeedar

Presentation slides and example projects are included to help you follow along!

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