Xcode cli tools

I just installed the update for Xcode. Version 12.5.1 (12E507). This is the first time that I can remember when I wasn’t also prompted to update the cli tools. I guess my question is how can I be sure I have the latest cli tools for Xcode?

Every time Xcode updates, I get asked to install command line tools.
That seems to be normal.

I see a new version of command line tools for Xcode was released at the same time on 6/20. I did not see the request to update and I was waiting for it and looking for it. I’m having a cli issue that I thought it might help.

I can’t find a good way to find the current version. In fact, I can’t find anyway to check the current version.

I downloaded and installed the CLI for Xtools and it solved my cli problem. Don’t know why it didn’t ask me that on the first launch after the update?